The Misconsidered Archive is an artist collective initiated in 2014 by Lola Bunting, Sarah Lederman and Hanne Lillee. Comprising of a collection of found digital images, the archive functions as the main resource for every project we embark on.

From the position of our individual practices we found common ground in the fact that we all collect and use found image material in our work. We have different ways of collecting, diverse criteria and taste, but we all have an obsessive relationship with the images we collect. Over the years we have built up our own individual archives from images we once collected with the intention of utilising them in a future work. The images were gathered from everywhere; blogs, tumblr, social media, postcards, flyers, magazines and books. These archives comprised images we never used or were unable to use. Within our minds they had become too familiar, too literal and too obvious. Like fading celebrities we had considered them too much and for too long and in this way they ended up being misconsidered.

The archive allows us to see our collected images with fresh eyes and therefor with new potential. The archive challenges our own individual limits, criteria and taste. We have to allow images that we personally don't find attractive to mingle with those that we find to be extraordinary. For us it is a way to challenge and question our visual impulses as boundaries between our individual practices become blurred.

Lives and work in London, UK. Memory, loss and the fleeting nature of time are ongoing themes within Lola Bunting's practice. Working in a variety of mediums she combines found images, photographs and readily available materials with constructed objects, arranging them in such a way that the line between what is genuine and what is fabricated loses definition.

Lives and work in London, UK. Sarah Ledermans paintings is informed by myths and images of myths. She is interested in how stories can be told through pictures and how these stories change in our memory.

Lives and work in London, UK. Hanne Lillee's work encompasses photography, collage and sculpture. She elaborates images from the web, editing and rethinking them, in order to consider the incessant changing process that in this very moment defines the language of photography.